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Areas of Practice

advokatfirma | meyer is a team of German and Danish lawyers. We provide legal advise and assistance to companies and private clients in German law.

We offer not only excellent legal advice, but we also assist you through all steps of litigation.

advokatfirma | meyer has special knowledge in the following areas of law:
– contract law
– commercial law
– company law
– real estate law
– construction law
– intellectual property law
– tort law

„The Danes and their homes in Berlin.“
be Berlin-Newsletter, 20 Years of Change – Berlin Days in Copenhagen, 28.08.2009

„Why do you want to buy an apartment in Berlin?“ That´s the first question Hans-Oluf Meyer asks when Danes dream of buying an apartment in one of Europe´s most attractive cities.“ Read more …

Danish holiday home agencies and the Covid-19 pandemic situation

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to temporary border closings within Europe since March 2020.

In the spring, the Danish government decided to close the border with Germany to those entering Denmark for tourist holidays. Many German holidaymakers who had rented a holiday home in Denmark for Easter or Whitsun could no longer cross the border to Denmark and could not use the booked holiday home as intended.

Some large holiday home agencies still refuse to reimburse the rental payments that have already been made or do withhold 80% of them without having provided any service on their part. They interpret both Danish law and their own terms and conditions to the detriment of the respective tenant. In most cases there are good reasons not to accept this practice.

Employment Law

Employment law has a long tradition – the most central reason for many changes was and is the protection of dependent employees. A distinction is made between individual labour law (Individualarbeitsrecht) - in this case, the relationship between the individual employer and employee - and collective labour law (Kollektivarbeitsrecht) - in this case, the legal relationship between the employer and the representatives of the employees or the respective associations.

International law

International law is multifaceted and multi-layered – it concerns not only the question of which country you can or must enforce your rights, but also according to which legal system, according to which material law the relationship is to be judged at all. Clarifying these questions at an early stage is essential for the successful handling of a legal matter.

As an internationally oriented law firm, we look after many clients in cases with an international dimension.

Lawyer Hans-Oluf Meyer

Hans-Oluf Meyer (1969) is both Danish and German lawyer. He provides advice predominantly in German/Danish legal matters in areas of international contract law, international private law and litigation. In Danish law he basically focuses on contract law, company/commercial law and the tort law.

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September 9th lawyer Hans-Oluf Meyer in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Trade Council and the Trade Department at the Danish Embassy in Berlin participated in a Masterclass Workshop at Food Nation at Axelborg in Copenhagen with a presentation on the legal challenges of export and establishment in Germany. Participants were Danish companies that market their food products in Germany and that want to increase their activities in the German market.

advokatfirma | meyer and Novasol tenants are confirmed by the Danish consumer ombudsman in Corona cases: Novasol cannot retroactively change terms of business. The newspaper The Nordschleswiger reports:
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“If force majeure applies to Novasol, this must also apply to the consumer.” Attorney Meyer has complained about Novasol’s unilateral change of business terms in the midst of the pandemic. The newspaper Lübecker Nachrichten reports:
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advokatfirma | meyer wins in third instance a decisive process for German road accident victims at the Danish Supreme Court, Højesteret. The case concerned the fundamental question of which law is applicable if a German car causes an accident on a business trip in Denmark and the employees want to bring claims against their employer.

Dänische Ferienhausvermittlungen und die Covid-19-Pandemielage
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Artikel in “Der Nordschleswiger”: Enttäuschte Mieter gehen gegen Ferienhausanbieter vor
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Ausgewählte Informationen zu aktuellen Entwicklungen im Recht der Kurzarbeit, im Arbeitsrecht, im Insolvenzrecht, im Mietrecht und im Zivilrecht zu Zeiten der Sars-Cov-2-Pandemie
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The Danish founder and partner of the lawfirm Hans-Oluf Meyer has successfully transferred the Scandinavian way of team-work into our German law firm and we are therefore very glad to present a high standard concerning both our reachability towards our clients as well as our legal advice, as our cases are regularly surveyed by more than one lawyer.

TVS – Newscast:
15. juli 2012 19.30

Following the main news on July 15, 2012, Danish television showed a report with and about attorney Hans-Oluf Meyer and his law firm in Berlin (the program is in Danish):