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advokatfirma | meyer is a law firm with its office in the old heart of Berlin at the Kurfürstendamm.

Our firm has recently been established to meet the growing demand of international clients intending to buy real property in Germany, focussing on the Berlin market where we have an in-depth expertise on prices and conditions. Additionally we are legal advisors for our clients, regarding questions of corporate and commercial law and all aspects of their business here in Germany. The Danish founder and partner of the lawfirm Hans-Oluf Meyer has successfully transferred the Scandinavian way of team-work into our German law firm and we are therefore very glad to present a high standard concerning both our reachability towards our clients as well as our legal advice, as our cases are regularly surveyed by more than one lawyer.

Not only focussing on our Danish connection but also being engaged in an international network and working on cases concerning Cross-Border Law cases all over Europe is a matter of course and a pleasure to us. Cross-border legal advice can only be provided when people from different countries work together. Therefore, advokatfirma | meyer has close connections to colleagues from other countries in an international network of lawyers practising all over Europe and North /South America.

advokatfirma | meyer is therefore member of Eureseau.