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Lawyer Hans-Oluf Meyer

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Per lawyers with German accreditation:
Rechtsanwaltskammer Berlin
Littenstrasse 9
D – 10179 Berlin

Per lawyers with Danish accreditation:
Kronprinsessegade 28
DK – 1306 Kopenhagen

Legal title:
The legal title is given by the justice ministers of the Federal States of Germany- here Berlin- and is Rechtsanwalt respectively Rechtsanwältin.
Lawyer Hans-Oluf Meyer has beside the German also the Danish accreditation. The legal title is Advokat.

Regulations regarding profession:
The relevant regulations regarding profession are the ″Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung (BRAO)″, the ″Fachanwaltsordnung (FAO)″, the ″Gesetz über die Vergütung von Rechtsanwältinnen und Rechtsanwälten (RVG)″ and the ″Berufsregeln der Rechtsanwälte der Europäischen Gemeinschaft (CCBE)″. You find all regulations under

Lawyer & Advokat Hans-Oluf Meyer is subject to the regulations regarding profession in
– Retsplejeloven §§ 119–147 (Danish rules of procedure)
– Vedtægten for Advokatsamfundet (Rules of Chamber of Lawyers)
– Advokatsamfundets Vedtægt for Klientkonti (Rules of law society concerning trust accounts)
– De Advokatetiske Regler (The lawyer ethic regulations)
– “Gesetz über die Tätigkeit europäischer Rechtsanwälte in Dänemark”
You find these regulations at the website of the Danish Chamber of Lawyers under „Regler“.

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Information and liability
Lawyer Hans-Oluf Meyer undertook all efforts to ensure that the rightness of the information and the links, which are enclosed in this website, is guaranteed. Nevertheless is every liability in content with the use of information, links or the trust in whose rightness due to the peculiarities of the medium internet and the risks of interruption or of abruption of information transmission excluded. For the content of the linked sites are only the operators of those sites responsible.

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advokatfirma | meyer støtter Team Rynkeby som guldsponsor

Team Rynkeby er velkendt i Danmark, men er siden grundlæggelsen for tyve år tilbage blevet et europæisk projekt, hvor velgørenhedscykelhold fra flere byer i Europa i samme uge fra deres hjemmedestination cykler til Paris for at se afslutningen af Tour de France. Målet er at indsamle penge til børnecancerfondene i de enkelte lande.
I dag står den tyske juice-koncern Eckes-Granini med sine tre brands Rynkeby, Go Morgen og hohes C bag projektet. I dag består Team Rynkeby af 2.400 motionscykelryttere og 550 hjælpere fordelt på 59 lokale hold fra henholdsvis Danmark, Sverige, Finland, Norge, Færøerne, Island, Tyskland og Schweiz.
I juli 2022 cykler for første gang et hold på 30 cykelryttere, herunder advokat Hans-Oluf Meyer, indenfor en uge ca. 1.200 km fra Berlin til Paris, for der at møde de øvrige hold. 2022 bliver et særligt år for de danske deltagere, siden siden Tour de France starter i Danmark.
I 2020 kunne Team Rynkeby give 8.79 mio. EUR videre til organisationer der hjælper børn med kritisk sygdom. Heraf gik 152.749 EUR til den tyske børnecancerfond. Siden 2002 har cykleholdene cyklet og indsamlet mere 75 mio. EUR.

September 9th lawyer Hans-Oluf Meyer in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Trade Council and the Trade Department at the Danish Embassy in Berlin participated in a Masterclass Workshop at Food Nation at Axelborg in Copenhagen with a presentation on the legal challenges of export and establishment in Germany. Participants were Danish companies that market their food products in Germany and that want to increase their activities in the German market.

advokatfirma | meyer and Novasol tenants are confirmed by the Danish consumer ombudsman in Corona cases: Novasol cannot retroactively change terms of business. The newspaper The Nordschleswiger reports:
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“If force majeure applies to Novasol, this must also apply to the consumer.” Attorney Meyer has complained about Novasol’s unilateral change of business terms in the midst of the pandemic. The newspaper Lübecker Nachrichten reports:
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advokatfirma | meyer wins in third instance a decisive process for German road accident victims at the Danish Supreme Court, Højesteret. The case concerned the fundamental question of which law is applicable if a German car causes an accident on a business trip in Denmark and the employees want to bring claims against their employer.

Dänische Ferienhausvermittlungen und die Covid-19-Pandemielage
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Artikel in “Der Nordschleswiger”: Enttäuschte Mieter gehen gegen Ferienhausanbieter vor
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Ausgewählte Informationen zu aktuellen Entwicklungen im Recht der Kurzarbeit, im Arbeitsrecht, im Insolvenzrecht, im Mietrecht und im Zivilrecht zu Zeiten der Sars-Cov-2-Pandemie
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The Danish founder and partner of the lawfirm Hans-Oluf Meyer has successfully transferred the Scandinavian way of team-work into our German law firm and we are therefore very glad to present a high standard concerning both our reachability towards our clients as well as our legal advice, as our cases are regularly surveyed by more than one lawyer.

TVS – Newscast:
15. juli 2012 19.30

Following the main news on July 15, 2012, Danish television showed a report with and about attorney Hans-Oluf Meyer and his law firm in Berlin (the program is in Danish):