International network

Cross-boarder legal advice can only be provided, when people from different countries work together. Therefore, advokatfirma | meyer has close connections to colleagues practising in Scandinavia, all over Europe and North/South America. We have successfully transferred the Scandinavian way of team-work into our German law firm and are therefore very glad to present a high standard concerning both our reachability towards our clients as well as our legal advice, as our cases are regularly surveyed by more than one lawyer.

Important to us is the close connection and co-operation with our colleagues from Europe and overseas. Thus advokatfirma | meyer is represented in the international network Eureseau. Eureseau is a network of law firms with lawyers in 24 different countries around the world. Regular meetings are held two times a year, where members come together to share their ideas and experiences and to have the opportunity to meet personally to ensure the best possible ways of communication and understanding among each other on behalf of our clients.

International Memberships